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About us, about the city and surroundings

Our school is a primary school for 600 students aged 7-15 years old. It is closely related to local traditions therefore it is called „Brodnica's 700 anniversary”. The school is situated in the outskirts of town and it is a quiet and safe place for its students.

It has two comupter labs, a well equipped gym and „Orlik” sports field.

Our students achieve high results in external exams and they are winners of Mathematics, Polish, Science, Art, Music and Sport competitions. The students also prepare and perform plays for the other students and parents. We educate open-minded, confident, young people.
Brodnica and surroundings
Brodnica is a charming town with a population of less than 30 thousand residents. It is located in ecologically clean area known as the Green Lungs of Poland. Brodnica attracts a large number of visitors and it is a place called the Gate of Masuria or the entrance to the Land of Great Lakes.
There is lots of forests, clean lakes and a beautiful river the Drwęca. Numerous tourists trails encourage one to practise various sports and recreational activities such as hiking and cycling around the area.
Brodnica is an attractive fast-growing town in Poland. At the same time it is the town with centuries-old tradition, particulary known for its monuments dating back to 14th–15th century when the Teutonic Knights ruled the town.
Charming monuments make one feel the magic of this place. Contemporary attractions include Sport and Recreation Centre, a sailboat harbour, a canoe harbour in the river Drwęca bend and a skatepark.
When looking for attractions and curiosities worth visiting one can visit the Ecological Education Centre or the exhibition of Mesolithic hunters who settled the area 13,000 years ago.
It is also worth noting a little further around the town. Toruń – an architectural pearl is only 60 kilometers away from Brodnica. It is a birthplace of the world famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. Toruń is also known in Europe for its tradition of gingerbread baking. The capital city Warsaw and beautiful historic Gdańsk can be reached in just three hours from Brodnica.


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